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Lance Masa

Action Actor For Hire

@Schooled in Judo, expert in Shorinji Kempo.

@Lance Masa is a trained stunt man straight from the esteemed world of Japanese cinema.

@In 2006, Masa came to Los Angeles to study acting at the Theatre of Arts. There he worked on scenes from David Mamet and Sam Shepard , quickly. The L.A. film world took notice.

@Aside from a Black belt in Martial Arts, Masa is a highly skilled sprinter, jumper, horse back rider and has even served as a knight in Japanese Samurai drama.

He can kick ass with a smile on his face and NEVER hurt the other actor. He will do standing back flips twenty takes in a row.

A consummate team player, L.A. welcomes Lance Masa, Action Actor/ Stunt man extra-ordinary.


  Copyright 2007 LANCE MASA